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We Are A Social Media Agency

We combine the power of social media with other strategic marketing tactics to deliver creative solutions that generate brand awareness, influence consumer opinion, and establish relationships between brands and consumers that drive purchase intent. We activate social media campaigns online, at events, in retail stores, and in business-to-business environments.

Social Media Services

Social Media Strategy

We develop social media strategies to generate an action: A Sale … A Referral, An Alliance. We focus on social media optimization. We create strategies to surpass the goals and expectations of our clients, not just meet them.

Social Community Management

As a social media manager, we create and curate content to grow engaged communities. From writing creative content and shooting eye-catching photos, to producing original videos and activating sweepstakes, contests and other promotions, we manage social media campaigns and communities that generate measurable results.

Social Advertising

We create social ads to drive social influence, social engagement, social following, promotion participation, and URL click-thrus. We plan, buy, optimize and manage social media advertising for B2C and B2B audiences.

Content Marketing

We conceptualize and distribute relevant content through multiple digital, mobile, and email marketing channels. Our content attracts and retains clearly-identified audiences, and motivates people to engage with our clients in a meaningful manner.

Our Clients